fredag 1. november 2013

Look Using NYX

Wow, november already! Time goes by so fast nowadays. So I'm back with a new video featuring new products! This time I'm trying out NYX, which I was really positively surprised with! Dirt cheap, cute packaging, nice colors and very pigmented! I really recommend this brand to everyone, especially beginners and people who don't want to spend a lot of money on make-up. I was honestly expecting this to be a pretty ''light'' look, but the products turned out to be really pigmented, so it ended up pretty eye-catching as always, in true Caroline-style! I already want to try out another look, so can't wait to rinse my hair dye out and clean myself up. I shouldn't really have bought this, cause my eyeshadow drawer is full, but oh well, at least it was good and I want to use it! (aa) Aanygays, here's what I did with some of it!

Products Used:

  • Lush Skindrink Facial Moisturizer
  • MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer
  • NYX Magnolia Stick Blush
  • NYX Confessions Of Tanaholic Tango With Bronzing Powder
  • Gosh Kohl Eyeliner
  • NYX The Smokey Shadow Palette
  • Avon Extra Lasting Mascara 
  • Cherry Culture Chocolate Lip Balm
  • NYX Dolly Girl Xtreme Lip Cream

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