lørdag 21. september 2013

Review: Sugarpill

Wow, 3 weeks since my last video! SO much has happened, I've been so busy that I've started to feel bad for some of my friends and stuff who doesn't see me. But I'm having fun, at least! Student life is the best, especially when you're in make-up artist school ;)
So I finally got my first Sugarpill stuff! I've ALMOST ordered from them before, but.. I guess I'm very late, as everyone has all their pressed eyeshadows already, but I see they've started to stock more stuff now! So I picked myself out a selection, which I've tested just a little bit - To be honest I was too excited to make a new video, but I hope you get a little insight if you're looking to get the items I'm talking about here! Hopefully I've covered most things.

Mentioned Products:
  • Cold Chemistry Palette
  • Birthday Girl Loose Eyeshadow
  • Hellatronic Neon Pigment
  • Angel Baby False Lashes
  • Duo Eyelash Adhesive
  • Glitter Pillkitty Sticker - Small
  • Goldilux Loose Eyeshadow

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