lørdag 10. august 2013

My Lookbook

I've been on youtube for two years! Or, well, at least this.. ''era''. I started making these beauty videos just after I had turned 17, right before I was going to study hairdressing. The past two years, I've learned a lot, improved my look, techniques, products, tools etc. And it's almost scary to think about that I'm starting at FACE Stockholm in 10 days, and I'm gonna learn to be 20 times better there! Oh and hopefully within the next year I'll be working at MAC - It's not bad if I can fulfill my dream before I turn 20, huh? xD So well, because I'm lazy and busy (birthday celebration yesterday and going to Oslo right now - or, when you see this I will probably be there), I'm just doing a recap of the looks I've done for you these two years, and added links to the separate videos if you're interested in seeing that particular tutorial! I think this will be my channel trailer from now on.
I just wanna say thank you so much for all your support, for subscribing to me (I have over 1200 now, thank you!), watching, liking, commenting, trying out my looks.. I love you! <3
That's why I want you to decide more what I do in my videos: Click here for next MAC video, and click here for brands you think I should use!

Heheh, I made a collage out of collages!

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