fredag 30. august 2013

Lime Crime Haul

Sorry the video was so quick and informal, but I got the package on my way out on wednesday, my food and beer had just been served, and I had my first bartending shift last night! So better as well record it then and (hopefully) make it funny. So here you will find a more SERIOUS post about the products, for you who are actually interested! Noot going to do a review even though I kinda want to, but my next video will be a Sugarpill review! Though I haven't actually ordered the products yet, so that might take a while, cause I don't have that much money.. Or do I? Oh well, we'll see! Hope you are patient with me, and instead the pictures from school (plus my weekly Rockeresque looks) on my facebook page!

Mentioned products:
  • Lime Crime Geradium Opaque Lipstick
  • Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper Primer

Lol wow, the blue didn't stick at all without it!

Radioactive, radioactive!! Me like.

Eye with eyeshadow helper

Eye without eyeshadow helper

 On bare and a little dry lips

After a taco meal!

 The above (taco was 7 PM) was taken at 6 PM,
and this was taken at 4 am after my shift.

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