fredag 5. juli 2013

QuickTip: Wrong Foundation Color?

Sorry for the short video, but the internet sucks; I can't even watch videos here, and it took me three days to load Emilie Autumn's Enchant on Spotify! I think you get the idea. I was just at this fantastic beach resort taken right out of your fantasy, and got a little darker! I tried on all of my foundations, and basically all of them were too light - Matching me at best, but none too dark at all. So what do you do then? I guess everyone's not like me, who has a drawer full of face products, who can just easily find foundation colors I've bought at different seasons, so they'll match. But some don't have several, and maybe don't want to / can't afford to buy a new one just for this season. Hopefully this video can help you! But essentially, it's good to have one light and one dark foundation, and then mix the two to match your current shade perfectly - This is especially important for those who do make-up on others! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! :) Oh, and you can also suggest future videos for me here!

Mentioned Products:
  • L´oreal True Match Minerals Foundation
  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation
  • Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation
  • Avon BB Cream
  • Avon Ideal Luminous Foundation
  • Gosh Precious Powder Pearls
  • MAC 190
  • MAC 129
  • MAC 168

I recently bought The Balm's Balm Jovi palette - I had to had it, it's goddamn epic!
I have four other looks on my personal facebook (the very first is my profile picture on my facebook page).
This is the final one (meaning I have now used all of the shadows and products in the palette at least once), only to be posted here!

Products Used:

  • Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid
  • Gosh Precious Powder Pearls 
  • The Balm Don't You Want Me? (AKA FratBoy)
  • The Balm Solid Gold (AKA Mary-Lou Manizer)

  •  The Balm Iron Maid-in Eyeshadow
  • The Balm Allegro Eyeshadow
  • The Balm The Stroke Eyeshadow
  • The Balm rem Eyeshadow
  • Gosh Kohl Eyeliner
  • MAC Bad, Bad Black Opulash Mascara

  • Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick in Perfect Pink

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