fredag 12. juli 2013


I showed my sister the video, and when I said that I'd start with face brushes, she asked: ''Aren't ALL of them face brushes..?'' We both laughed when she realized and I said ''No, foot brush, stomach bruush..''

Sorry for the brushes being dirty by the way, lol. But hopefully I explained them well and gave you some ideas, cause one brush can actually be for eyes, lips AND face! There's no limit to it, and don't let anyone tell you that you're doing things wrong. I have even used lipstick on my eyes (and blush, as you've seen in a video ;D)!
Oh and I believed I said that the little brushes said ''E'' at the end of the name, but it's ''SE'' (Special Edition) - You can get those in pretty little bags in several of MAC's collections! Nice for a basic start. I started out with a 190, a 129, a 224, a 242 and a 266. I now remember that I also have a mini 209 as well, but I tend to forget that it's there, since it doesn't peek out of the pocket! x'D Silly me. But at least I had the regular sized one.
Not sure if I should say anything else! Enjoy the video and remember there are no stupid questions! It's totally okay to use your fingers, cause they warm up the product - I'm just a brush addict. But they do give the best results!

My Brush Collection!

  • 190SE
  • 1290SE
  • 190
  • 168
  • 116
  • 129
  • 150
  • 209SE
  • 209
  • 210
  • 266SE
  • 266
  • 213
  • 228
  • 224SE
  • 224
  • 239
  • 242SE
  • 242
  • 252
  • 275SE
  • 275
  • Lash / Brow brush (Make Up Store)
  • Angled brush (Rockeresque Beauty Company)
  • 311
  • 316

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