lørdag 22. juni 2013

MAC Punk Couture Collection Look 2

Here you are, boys and girls! Sorry it's a little late, arrived in Cebu, Philippines last night - But luckily for you, I got up at like 6 AM today (and btw, I'm 6 hours ahead of Norway), so you can get a saturday treat! :D So yeah, this is the second look in my Punk Couture ''series'', and the third in the whole MAC series! Remember you can go here to suggest for more videos! I think my next Punk Couture look will be green and pink, since this was just eyeliner! So look forward to that :D

Products used:

  • Avon Simply Pretty Almond Concealer Stick
  • Careline light pink blush
  • Gosh Glow Precious Powder Pearls
  • MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
  • MAC Bad, Bad Black Opulash Mascara
  • Estée Lauder 36 Black Cherry Signature Lipstick
  • MAC Blackfire Glimmerglass

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