fredag 7. juni 2013

MAC Archie's Girls Collection Look

So in Sweden now! Just stopping by to throw a video at you that I recorded last week. Actually wore this to a viking / medieval festival called Bjørgvin Marknad! I didn't fit in at all, but all my friends were there, including some that flew in from Germany and got me a 1000 g Nutella! <3
This is for the MAC Archie's Girls collection that came out in.. march, I think? At least here in Norway. Me and my mom went and got our make-up done and bought stuff, funfun! My look was the one on my profile picture on facebook. Doon't exactly recall it, but I tried with this video! I love violet too much, hahahah. My hair is actually going to be Electric Amethyst next week :D That'll be fun. I'm feeling there will be more violet looks in the nearest future, since you seem to like the Punk Couture collection - Suggest my next videos here!
Hope you enjoy the video, and I'll be making another next week, in the midst of packing to move, hahah. Byebye!

Products used:

  • MAC Prom Princess Blush
  • MAC Cheers My Dear Pigment
  • MAC Spoiled Rich Eye Shadow Quad
  • MAC Cheers My Dear Pigment
  • MAC Black Swan Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner
  • Make Up Store Max Lashes Black
  • MAC Boyfriend Stealer Lipstick
  • MAC Cheers My Dear Pigment

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