fredag 31. mai 2013

Product Guide: Foundation Tools

So, this time I wanted to take a little break from my weird looks and do something helpful and be informative! I have a lot of younger viewers who may be too shy to do make-up like I do, or doesn't feel they have enough knowledge about it yet. So I'mma try and help with that! And I'm always here to answer your questions, cause I love to talk about make-up as well as help people!
So the theme I chose for this was foundation, or more specifically, foundation tools. There are a lot of them out there, some of which you may not have heard of or considered before! Here I advice on which tools that works best for which type of product. Keep in mind this is a video about foundation - But if you have questions of any other product, ask away!

Products mentioned:
  • L´oréal True Match Minerals Foundation
  • MAC Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation
  • Beter Wedge Sponges
  • MAC Wedge Sponge
  • MAC 129 Brush
  • L´oréal Matte Morphose Foundation
  • MAC 190 Brush
  • MAC 188 Brush
  • ELF Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15
  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation
  • Rockeresque's new make-up brush series
  • MAC 187 Brush

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