onsdag 15. mai 2013

Metal Concert Look

Nope, I haven't left you! I've just been enjoying my new single unemployed lots of friends out drinking and going to concerts life, hahahah. And yes, all of those are pretty positive! For those who haven't heard, I'm going to make-up artist school this fall as well! So this is like the best year of my life. But I'll try to share a little of my time with my trusty viewers, who have now grown to over 1000, thank you so much! It'll be worth it, I promise <3

So this week's look (I'm not kidding) is a simple concert look! I usually go to black metal shows (this year so far has been Mayhem, Taake and soon Immortal +++), and for those I wear corpse paint. But when my dear Ragnhild drags me along to bands she likes, I do something else, but I still wanna be me. So that's when I unleash a tiny version of hell on my face! Don't even have to do face make-up at all.

God I suck at taking pictures. Oh well.

Products used:

  • TONS of moisturizer that my skin refuses to suck up
  • MAC Rule Eyeshadow
  • MAC Smolder Eye Kohl
  • MAC Print Eyeshadow
  • Make Up Store Max Lashes Black
  • MAC Redd Lip Pencil
  • MAC CB-96 Lipstick
  • Romeo & Julie Gold Glitter

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