onsdag 7. mars 2012


Okay, so I didn't think this video would need so much.. explanation, but I thought I would post some pictures to go along with it!
Just me and Markus being slobs..

My first real perm! lol

From the russ clothing catalogue - Notice the pants!

And there's the hat!

Model: Beathe
Photographer: Tore Alvheim Foto
Make-Up: Me! :D

My new baby; Chimera!

Proud to present my complete collection <3

The stuff I should go pick up - But it's raining..

torsdag 1. mars 2012

The Perfect Blood Red Lip Tutorial

As I say in the video, I'm really sorry for not putting up a video in a month! I've been REALLY busy, for real this time. But you've been patient, and you've gotten me up to 400 subscribers, thank you so much! So this time, I'm serving you a special treat. A more in-depth tutorial on something useful! Many people like to throw on a pop of colour on their lips to doll-up, cause eyeshadows aren't their thing (I'm the opposite type though, obviously red lips aren't really my thing - or lipsticks in general, really.). So here are some tips to make it last and make it.. well, perfect!

Did a fun metallic eye look today with a runway-inspired liner!

Products Used:
  • MAC Lip Conditioner Stick SPF 15
  • MAC Prep + Prime Lip
  • MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer (NC30)
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation (NC40)
  • MAC Redd Lip Pencil
  • MAC Dubonnet Lipstick