torsdag 2. februar 2012

Experimenting With Bed Head's Hairstick For Cool People!

I decided to make one more hair video, just because I'm a hairdresser, hahah. I've been curious about TIGI Bed Head's Hairstick For Cool People, and wanted to see if it really worked - And if it did, cut layers in my hair again. So I tested it on my friend Lars, whose hair I cut myself before xmas. I heard that it can make your hair very greasy (and since it's wax based it can be hard to wash out and is also weather proof), so I didn't put in too much. But I found that it didn't really hold the hair. His hair was a little thick, but still. But I guess it can be used to keep your hair in place! We live in a city that's famous for it's rain, so yeah. I wouldn't recommend this for long hairstyles, though. Maybe if you have a fringe like mine that you need to keep perfectly straight and even.
I am by the way participating in the Norwegian Championship in hairdressing on saturday! I don't think I'll make a video about it, since I'll be pretty busy, but I think I'm gonna do a vlog, since that was requested. Me and my boyfriend have also been together for a year on wednesday, so were celebrating it in Oslo this weekend as a bonus! :D

Sorry if the music is loud and shocks you! Just added the song quickly xD