onsdag 7. mars 2012


Okay, so I didn't think this video would need so much.. explanation, but I thought I would post some pictures to go along with it!
Just me and Markus being slobs..

My first real perm! lol

From the russ clothing catalogue - Notice the pants!

And there's the hat!

Model: Beathe
Photographer: Tore Alvheim Foto
Make-Up: Me! :D

My new baby; Chimera!

Proud to present my complete collection <3

The stuff I should go pick up - But it's raining..

6 kommentarer:

  1. Hvorfor skriver du noe på norsk og noe på engelsk? Og snakker engelsk på vloggen?

    1. Jeg skriver ikke noe på norsk?
      Eneste norske i dette innlegget er ordene ''russ'' og ''Tore Alvheim foto''.
      Og dette er som du sikkert har skjønt min ENGELSKE blogg, og min ENGELSKE youtube.
      Mixtapes and Lingerie bloggen har ikke noe med det her å gjøre. Den har jeg tenkt å legge ned, og starte opp en ny blogg på engelsk - Jeg har veldig mange ikke-norske seere og lesere, så det er bedre for meg å blogge og lage engelske youtube videoer, fordi da rekker jeg ut til et større publikum.

  2. As a makeup artist I must say that the makeup you put on the girl for the photoshoot was not flattering at all. Her eyeshape does not suit the type of makeup you put on her. You made her eyes disappear by using the blue eyeshadow and created bags under her eyes with the golden bronze colour you put on on the lower eyelashline... As a makeupartist it is important to be able to enhance the best part of the face and not make it worse by applying wrong colour or using wrong techniques. You should attend more courses, or at least look up what kind of makeup techniques fit different eyeshapes.

    1. Well, since you're a make-up artist then.. Could you explain what I did wrong with the eyeshape?
      Lol, I didn't know undereye bags were bronze-colored, but okay.
      This was my first shoot, and we only got her in so I could practice make-up, and the look was planned before I even met the model - I only needed a blonde and blue-eyed one.
      And this wasn't ''beauty'' make-up or whatever, this is clearly more artistic and creative.
      I'm 17 years old, so I'm far from talented, you should know that.
      I never have attented a real course - And I'm planning on going to make-up school when I'm old enough.

    2. As far as I know, makeup school does not require a spesific age to attend. Dont be silly with your comments, undereye bags are not bronze coloured, but the model has a mixture of a protruding and droopy eyeshape. The way you applied the bronze colour on the underside of the eyes enhances the bags she already has. Also, giving her a makeup that covers her entire eye with the same blue shade is not correct since it does not do anything to "lift" and bring forth her eyes.
      It doesnt matter if the makeup is supposed to be artistic. Artistic makeup is still supposed to look good and flattering on the models face. You are still supposed to know what colours suit the model's complection. You made the model look older than her actual age. If you do not know how to apply proper makeup, there is no point in putting it on girls who want pretty and proper pictures before you have taken some courses or at least watched a youtube video or so about applying makeup.

    3. Here in Norway it actually does. And preferrably specific majors in high school.
      No, so exactly! They don't look like undereye bags - And she didn't have any either c:
      What are you, blind? She doesn't have blue eyeshadow all over her eye.
      As a make-up artist, you should know that nothing is ''wrong'' in make-up. It's art.
      And you don't even know her age, so you can't say that.
      Ever heard about practice? No one is a professional from the second they start applying make-up.