onsdag 14. desember 2011

Really Boring Superstar Blowdrying!!

As I said on my facebook page, I'm having hairdressing test EVERY DAY this week, in addition to normal school. So monday was blowdrying and.. dressing long hair? Tuesday I styled a friend of mine who actually turned 18 today! I gave her the typical scene cut kinda, and dyed the back half portion of her hair black, and her fringe green with violet on the sides. And blowdried and did make-up. So THAT was fun! Today I had a written + drawing test. Now there's only the make-up test left, where we team up with another girl in the class and do eachothers make-up.
So of course I don't really want to do anything special youtube-wise this week. I was actually so tired that after.. an hour or so after my boyfriend came over, I fell asleep! He just left :cc Haven't seen him all week, so I feel so guilty! But I can only sleep properly when he's holding me. But anygays, I got this product in the mail (TIGI Bed Head Superstar Blowdry Lotion For thick and massive hair), and wanted to test it out! And yes, I basically ONLY use Tigi Bed Head. I received a bag of KMS products at this salon I worked at, but Bed Head is the fucking best. They have stuff for everything, and they're so fun! So yeah.
The video and result didn't turn out that great, but I don't really think this product really works on heavy and thick hair. I'm getting my hair cut into the typical scene hair soon - Not because I'm a wannabe scene, but because that's the best type of haircut for my ugly round faceshape. But for you normal haired people, I think this product would be fucking great! And it'll last you a good while, since it's 250 ml (8.45 fluid ounces)! I got mine on sale at a beauty website that already sells hairdresser brands for cheap, and that day they had a 30 % sale on all TIGI products - Well, they actually have sales on TIGI at least every month! So I wanna get more stuff from there soon.

The bottle was kinda kool, like a lavalamp or something.

Aww goddamnit my poor hair!

2 kommentarer:

  1. i have seen your makup tutorial's and i have to say look dirty.. not well blend and u have to do better .. try to do something more simpel and better foundation so more people will feel better about it and learn more ..

  2. It's a free world, so you're entitled to your opinion!
    Well, most of my personal looks aren't really supposed to be blended at the edges, maybe only where the colours meet on the lid and such - It really depends on the look.
    Simple is not my thing, as you probably can see. If you want to see make-up you can't even see, go somewhere else.
    I don't really use foundation (unless I say I do in the video), so I don't really see what you mean there.