onsdag 10. august 2011

TIGI Bed Head Treat Me Right Peppermint Hair Mask Review + Demonstration

Welcome, old and new viewers! I really have to say that I've missed you guys! I haven't made youtube beauty videos in YEARS, but the old ones didn't matter anyways. I didn't know what I was doing! Now I do - I'm older and wiser now. And I hope that my old subscribers will still enjoy the new version of me, as well as my new viewers!
As my ''first'' video, I will simply do a little review and demonstration on a hair mask / specialty conditioner I bought a couple of months back, and haven't really used that much. Recommended for making your scalp and hair stronger and soothed from all the peroxide damage! Not recommended for peppermint haters.

Mentioned Products:
- Treat Me Right Peppermint Hair Mask
- Urban Antidotes Damage Level 2 Shampoo
- Urban Antidotes Damage Level 2 Conditioner
(All from Tigi Bed Head)

For my norwegian audience, check out BliVakker.No for salon products at discount prices everyday!
Click here for 200 ml for 179,- and click here for 750 ml salon size with pump for 339,-

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