onsdag 21. desember 2011

Constrast Color Pop Look!

Merry christmas and happy yule to everyone! :D Today was my last day of school. I was late (stupid buses just break in the winter cold), but my class only had a little intimate breakfast with a quiz. And my classmate brought her 2 year-old daughter, who was super cute! We just babbled and stuff, and left at 10:30. Hung around with a filipino schoolmate (he's a chef / waiter), and took the bus home. After some chilling, I thought I'd make a video, since my family wouldn't be home to decorate the tree for some hours! So here goes. Happy holidays!

Products Used:

  • MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation
  • MAC Blot Powder
  • Estée Lauder blush palette (Matte bronze powder)
  • MAC Fast Response Eye Cream
  • MAC Aquadisiac Eyeshadow (lid)
  • MAC Soba Eyeshadow (crease)
  • Estée Lauder's version of Naked: Cinnamon (outer crease)
  • Estée Lauder's version of Naked: Sand (highlight)
  • Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in dark brown
  • Estée Lauder More Than Mascara
  • Estée Lauder Pure Color Gloss in Electric Ginger

onsdag 14. desember 2011

Really Boring Superstar Blowdrying!!

As I said on my facebook page, I'm having hairdressing test EVERY DAY this week, in addition to normal school. So monday was blowdrying and.. dressing long hair? Tuesday I styled a friend of mine who actually turned 18 today! I gave her the typical scene cut kinda, and dyed the back half portion of her hair black, and her fringe green with violet on the sides. And blowdried and did make-up. So THAT was fun! Today I had a written + drawing test. Now there's only the make-up test left, where we team up with another girl in the class and do eachothers make-up.
So of course I don't really want to do anything special youtube-wise this week. I was actually so tired that after.. an hour or so after my boyfriend came over, I fell asleep! He just left :cc Haven't seen him all week, so I feel so guilty! But I can only sleep properly when he's holding me. But anygays, I got this product in the mail (TIGI Bed Head Superstar Blowdry Lotion For thick and massive hair), and wanted to test it out! And yes, I basically ONLY use Tigi Bed Head. I received a bag of KMS products at this salon I worked at, but Bed Head is the fucking best. They have stuff for everything, and they're so fun! So yeah.
The video and result didn't turn out that great, but I don't really think this product really works on heavy and thick hair. I'm getting my hair cut into the typical scene hair soon - Not because I'm a wannabe scene, but because that's the best type of haircut for my ugly round faceshape. But for you normal haired people, I think this product would be fucking great! And it'll last you a good while, since it's 250 ml (8.45 fluid ounces)! I got mine on sale at a beauty website that already sells hairdresser brands for cheap, and that day they had a 30 % sale on all TIGI products - Well, they actually have sales on TIGI at least every month! So I wanna get more stuff from there soon.

The bottle was kinda kool, like a lavalamp or something.

Aww goddamnit my poor hair!

onsdag 7. desember 2011

Quick 5-Minute Smokey Brown Look

I've been really busy today, drawing like 357935 hair drawings for each person I've styled in my huge semester assignment, which is due friday. I even spent extra time in the salon, fixing up my mom! So I'm writing my assignment now, so I don't really have time for anything else - I also have to study for an oral english test tomorrow. So that's why the look is so simple! Something that anyone can do for everyday! You can vary the colors after your skintone - or just your mood. Enjoy!

Products Used:

  • MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation
  • MAC Blot Powder
  • Gosh Multicolour Blush (in pink pie, I think?)
  • MAC Eyeshadow in Nylon
  • Hello Kitty Palette (dark brown)
  • MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder
  • Estée Lauder More Than Mascara
  • Estée Lauder.. lipstick.
  • Estée Lauder.. some gloss in 06 Jewel 

onsdag 30. november 2011

Punk / Deathrock / Goth Make-Up Tutorial

This is a look that was requested by Charlotte, a good friend of mine! She's only fourteen, but she's one of the coolest persons I know. She's the keyboardist and female vocalist of my boyfriend's band, CreTura! They're coming out with an album soon, so check them out and stay tuned! But beware, this is metal that gets stuck in your head for DAYS.
Anygays (yup, I just said that), Charlotte wanted me to make a punk make-up video. But then I thought: Do punks really wear more than eyeliner and maybe red or black lipstick? I spoke to a couple of people. One that's actually a punk (or, the closest thing you could find in my city's huge alternative scene), said that I was right, cause that's how ORIGINAL punk was. There's a lot of subgenres, but I only know the subgenres of goth, hahah - Cause that's what I'm into (and metal). So I though of going for deathrock, which is something in between punk and goth (or, well, the ORIGINAL goth, which was tradgoth - Like Siouxsie Sioux). I really like that style, which is more me, cause I'm not a big, flowy dresses and huge skirts person - At least not for everyday. So I wanted to create a look that could work for.. ''both''(?) punks, deathrockers, and tradgoths / goths! I have done a lot of deathrock looks for CreTuras concerts, but Charlotte wanted something she actually could do / wear. So this a pretty simple one. I'm gonna stop writing now.

Products Used:

  • Avon concealer
  • Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Estée Lauder Eyeliner (brows)
  • Random cheap brand palette (red eyeshadow)
  • E.L.F. Liquid Eyeliner (black ofc)
  • MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
  • Estée Lauder More Than Mascara
  • MAC Venomous Villains lipstick in Heartless
  • MAC Style Black lipstick in Black Knight

onsdag 23. november 2011

Blueberry Look

Okay, so I'm kinda pissed, since this already is the worst day ever - And now my school computer has died at least four times while editing and uploading! Had to do everything all over again each time - And one of them, it was ALMOST up! Goddamnit. But hey, it's up now. So I did this blue and purple look. Purple is my favorite colour, and I've been doing a blue (and black) smokey eye for everyday the past couple of months. And today, I kicked it up a notch by throwing on some fun lipgloss (And earlier, at school, black lipstick)! So I was wearing my goggles, and because of the blue and stuff (I used the lipgloss as a ''digital twist'' in one of my first videos), I found it kinda cyber goth! So yeah, this look can work for you cybergoths.

Products Used:


  • MAC Satinfinish Foundation SPF 15 (applied with sponge)
  • Light cool pink blush
  • MAC Fluidline in Macroviolet
  • MAC Wonder Woman Blue Palette
  • MAC Eyeshadow in Gesso
  • Britney Spears Palette
  • Estée Lauder More Than Mascara Mascara 
  • MAC Kissable Lipcolour in Peacocky
    MAC Glimmerglass in Blackware 

onsdag 16. november 2011

Foxy Curls With Bed Head Extreme Curl Mousse!

On Halloween I dressed up like a doll (and yesterday I wore a devil outfit (see profile picture), isn't that kinda messed up?) with curls and a huge pink bow. I kinda liked the look, but it was pretty strong, done with a curling iron at a salong I worked at. I don't have a curling iron, but still wanted to curl my hair. So I figured that I'd try to do it with only my round brushes and hairdryer from my school hairdressing kit! This is my first shot at a full head - And I'm gonna have to say, I think it turned out pretty well! Just make sure so spray the curls as soon as they cool, cause it absolutely didn't last all day (but then again, my hair doesn't like to be in other shapes than just plain straight). Enjoy the video!

onsdag 26. oktober 2011

Face Routine

More in-depth video about my severe dry eczema skin, as mentioned in my last video. This is how I cope (the creams are perscribed by doctors, of course). As you could tell, I'm starting to run out on my Clinique 3-Step routine. So after I finish that, I'm slowly going to check out some MAC skincare (as I did with the eyecream). I think their skincare products are underrated! No one really uses them, so I'm gonna give them a go.

Here's a list of products I would recommend for dry skin from MAC:
- Cremewash
- Fast Response Eye Cream
- Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15
- Studio Moistre Cream 30 ml
- Fix +
- Lip Conditioner Stick SPF 15
(Not only dry, but also other skin types can use these, so just keep that in mind.)

Products Mentioned:
  • 3 types of cortisone creams for athopic eczema, perscription-only
  • Clinique 3-Step for very dry to dry combination skin
  • MAC Fast Response Eye Cream
  • Nivea Hydro Care Lipbalm
  • Max Factor Mastertouch Concealer
  • MAC Studio Fix Plus Foundation
  • MAC Blot Powder
  • MAC Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation

torsdag 20. oktober 2011

Product Guide: Using Eye Cream Under Make-Up

This video is the first in a ''series'' I'm going to start doing. It's not gonna be a full-on frequently updated thing, but when I discover a subject that isn't that much talked about in the make-up community (not that I really pay attention to other make-up video making people). So I'm starting off with an important part of skin care that is often and easily forgotten. Enjoy!

torsdag 13. oktober 2011

Fun N Easy Sunset Look

OH MY GOD, I FORGOT TO THANK FOR MY 300 SUBSCRIBERS! Thank you so much, love you all for being so patient with me! Hope you stay with me c:

Once again, I'm gonna have to apologize for not making a video - AGAIN! xDD It's been like, 2 and a half weeks, I think. Right about the time I was supposed to do a new video, my boyfriend got sick, and I had to take care of him, because I'm so sweet. A while after that, my class were supposed to find little jobs in hair salons, where we're supposed to hang out for a week (in two weeks). I asked a bunch of salons downtown, but everyone said no. Well, one said they would call if they needed me, but they ended up calling me just to tell me that they DIDN'T want me. Then a girl in my class said she got a job at a salon that I had been in three days before. Turns out they rejected me because of the way I looked. Of course I was really provoked and mad, but I still had to find a place. I visited another salon, but they didn't have enough room. But they had another salon only 15 minutes away from where I live, so I called and asked first, and they accepted me! Don't really know if they still would have if I came in person first, but.. x'D

But back to business! I've basically been dealing with a lot of stuff in school and shit before this autumn break. Like finishing my cutting license (borrowing my teacher's scissors, since mine were stolen) and stuff. But now I REALLY promise to make more videos! I'm really motivated now, been watching a bunch of other gurus lately, so I have some ideas :D

Products Used:

  • MAC Satinfinish Foundation SPF15
  • MAC Blot Powder
  • MAC Fleur Power Blush
  • MAC Vanilla Eyeshadow
  • MAC Rule Eyeshadow
  • MAC Sushi Flower Eyeshadow
  • MAC Macroviolet Fluidline
  • MAC Pro Lash Mascara
  • Estée Lauder 03 Electric Ginger Pure Color Gloss

søndag 25. september 2011

Make-Up Esssentials

I'm really sorry for never doing videos! It's kinda hard to get videomaking into my routine again.. But I promise I'll do my best! I'll try to come up with a fun tutorial this week. Meanwhile, watch this pretty long video! Oh my god, it's almost 8 minutes long. That ought to keep you entertained for a little while! This is just a video I came up with pretty fast - I didn't want to do a tutorial, I want to do other stuff to in between! These are some make-up essentials / a little basic starter kit. Basically the must haves in make-up! It doesn't have to be MAC, it could be E.L.F. or any drugstore brand - Whatever you prefer and can afford. Enjoy!

Products Mentioned:

  • Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation (thicker coverage)
  • MAC Blot Powder (setting powder, or just to blot)
  • Max Factor Mastertouch Concealer (my regular concealer)
  • Avon Simply Pretty Concealer Stick
  • Avon Ideal Shade Tinted Makeup Base
  • MAC Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation


  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • Random jumbo eyeshadow pencils (as eyeshadow base)
  • MAC Pro Lash
  • MAC Zoom Lash (no good, at least in my experience)
  • L´oréal Kohl Minerals Powder Liner (my regular eyeliner)
  • MAC Fluidline
  • E.L.F. Liquid Eyeliner
  • Avon Ultra Colour Rich in U530 Nude (my everyday lipstick)

onsdag 31. august 2011

Everyday Natural Look (..with a digital twist!)

Just a quick natural eye look that could be helpful to my fellow students! Sometimes you just don't have time to to something flashy in the mornings.. Or maybe you do? Then why not try the daring, fun ''digital'' lip? It's all about being brave and flaunting it! That's something to admire. I used to be very shy, but I still wore whatever I liked to! Now I'm a big girl, and I can rock a full goth look with black lips, boots, a corset and a long coat to school, without giving it any thought of what people might think! I only get compliments anyways. I got charm!

Products Used:

  • MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation
  • MAC Blot Powder
  • MAC Nylon Eyeshadow
  • MAC Nylon Eyeshadow (highlight)
  • The Body Shop Roseflower (base colour & crease)
  • Estèe Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow Palette; Sandbox (lid)
  • Matte dark brown eyeshadow (lower lashline)
  • E.L.F. Liquid Eyeliner (black)
  • Estèe Lauder eyelash curler + MAC Pro Lash Mascara
  • MAC Peacocky Kissable Lip Colour
  • Gosh Lipgloss in 0022
  • Lip Smackers clear lipgloss

mandag 22. august 2011

My Everyday Make-Up

I am really sorry for not posting a video last week! I was so  busy, just starting school and stuff. Plus I went fishing and stuff like that with my boyfriend's family this weekend, so I didn't use any make-up, hahah. This video is just a look at a normal morning before school, speeded up. And some music I hope you don't mind or even like! It's Forgive Me Father (I Have Sinned) by Cradle Of Filth. Hope you enjoy!

Products Used:

  • Max Factor Mastertouch Concealer
  • Pale pink blush
  • Max Factor Creme Puff
  • Shimmery pink eyeshadow pencil (as base)
  • Shimmery silver eyeshadow (inner lid and crease)
  • Shimmery black eyeshadow (outer lid)
  • Matte white eyeshadow  (highlight)
  • L`orèal Kohl Minerals Powder Liner
  • Avon Glimmersticks Brow Definer in Soft Black
  • Estèe Lauder eyelash curler + MAC Zoom Lash Mascara
  • Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick in U530 Nude
  • L`orèal Glam Shine Moonlight in 101 Pink Moon 

onsdag 10. august 2011

TIGI Bed Head Treat Me Right Peppermint Hair Mask Review + Demonstration

Welcome, old and new viewers! I really have to say that I've missed you guys! I haven't made youtube beauty videos in YEARS, but the old ones didn't matter anyways. I didn't know what I was doing! Now I do - I'm older and wiser now. And I hope that my old subscribers will still enjoy the new version of me, as well as my new viewers!
As my ''first'' video, I will simply do a little review and demonstration on a hair mask / specialty conditioner I bought a couple of months back, and haven't really used that much. Recommended for making your scalp and hair stronger and soothed from all the peroxide damage! Not recommended for peppermint haters.

Mentioned Products:
- Treat Me Right Peppermint Hair Mask
- Urban Antidotes Damage Level 2 Shampoo
- Urban Antidotes Damage Level 2 Conditioner
(All from Tigi Bed Head)

For my norwegian audience, check out BliVakker.No for salon products at discount prices everyday!
Click here for 200 ml for 179,- and click here for 750 ml salon size with pump for 339,-